Community Guidelines | Acceptable Upload Policy

In order to create a healthy and safe enviroment for everyone, we strictly forbid upload of content that might be harmful or illegal. If you see such content on our website, we urge you to report it by using the correct Report category. We will remove such content from our website and take necessary actions against it. All accounts that have purchased such content and have not made any reports against it will be permanently banned from accesing our website and other services without any notice. If you have purchased such content without prior knowledge and reported it, you will be refunded for the full amount. It is prohibited to request such content from any of our performers.

Content that is NOT ALLOWED on our website includes:

Underage - content that contains underage people and/or paedophilia. This includes content that even briefly shows prepubescent children and minors in the content (e.g. background). Sexually explicit conduct cannot take place where minors or people who have not consented to witness it might see it. All content uploaded to our website must be 18+ or over the legal age in your country. It is strictly forbidden to post links and/or redirects to such content of any form.

Copyright infringement - content that you do not own and/or do not have legal rights and licences to upload. Any material that could result in infringement of any third party intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights. This includes "revenge porn" as well.

Zoophilia - it is prohibited to involve actual non-human animals as participants in a sex act or in a sex scene.

Drugs/Alcohol - content that includes drugs or alcohol. Performers cannot be under influence of any drugs/alcohol for the duration of the content. This includes prescription drugs not prescribed to the person taking them.

Non-Consensual - all content that might be considered non-consensual (e.g. bondage, masochism, sadism, cock & ball torture, humiliation, gangbang, impact play, etc.) must include safe words (e.g. "RED" = stop; "YELLOW" = slow down; etc.) and limits of the performers (e.g. no peeing and anal) as verbal consent that has been recorded in a safe enviroment such as public place with a lot of people around (or similar). If the content involves a gag or other device that would limit a performer's ability to speak, non-verbal signs must be specified as well (e.g. foot stomping, dropping an item held in the hand, blinking repeatedly, etc.). If a performer uses the safe word or if their limit is crossed, action must be stopped immediately, but cameras must remain rolling. The action can only continue if the performer explicitly consents. If a performer tears up or begins to cry, it should be treated as if they had used their slow-down word.

Warning Signs - content that includes a serious health concerns or loss of consciousness. Marking beneath the skin, includin bruising, should not be substantial even if the performer consents. If bruising starts to appear, the hitting on that area must stop.

Injuries - content that includes hitting any of the performers with a closed fist in the head, neck or face. Content that includes any performer to intentionally lose consciousness. Content that includes tying or securing any implement around a participant's neck in such a way that the implement could inhibit breathing if the participant were to fall or faint (Note: there must be a visible second tie that will support the person's weight). Electrical current should not be used on the head, eyes, front of the neck, broken skin or spinal column, nor in any way that flows accross/through chest and back. Powered appliances cannot be used in a scene that also includes water. Content that causes a visible loss of circulaton is not permitted - darkening and/or reddening of the skin is normal, but blue skin is a visible loss of circulation which indicates that the performer must be released immediately.

Cutting/Piercing/Breaking - content with any activity that causes bleeding, skin breakage or bone breakage (e.g. cutting, piercing the skin, direct exposure to fire/chemicals, etc.)

Necrophilia - content with sexual intercourse with or attraction towards corpses.

Incest - any content with sexual activity between persons so closely related that they are forbidden by law to marry. Relationship roleplay that falls outside of this definition is generally acceptable (e.g. step-siblings/parents, in-laws, adoptive relationships, etc.)

Weapons - content that involves deadly weapons such as guns or knives. The weapons may not appear or be referenced in sexual content. For example, content may feature a gunfight in the "opening" scene, but the gun cannot be present or be referenced during sexual activity or during the "consent" scene.

Dangerous Consumption - content that includes consumption of feces and/or other dangerous substances

Racism - content that includes racist remarks. Content that incidentally involves persons of color is not considered racist. However, content with racial themes and/or degrading someone based on their race is prohibited.

Prostitution - it is forbidden to use our website to offer any sort of real life meet-ups, including (but not limited to) the acts of accosting someone and offering someone else a service of prostitution. This includes external linking to other websites that offer such services.

Illegal - any other content that could be considered illegal in any shape or form, including (but not limited to) use of forced labor and human trafficking.

Content that IS ALLOWED on our website includes:

Ageplay - roleplay involving a distinct difference in ages, and often power exchange based on those ages. This can include pretending to be infant/young/underage, pretending to do parent/child play, diaper play, etc.

Choking/Breathplay - choking and grabbing someones neck or covering performer's mouth is not prohibited as long as it is done safely and without causing the person to lose consciousness.

Impact play - striking someone with a cane/whip/open hand/etc. across broad fleshy areas of the body such as butt, back of the thighs, etc.

Enemea - the act of douching or cleaning the anal cavity and rectum.

Fetish - using objects or actions that aren't inherently sexual (leather, latex, rope, gags, etc.)

Rough Sex - content involving anything with lightly biting and scratching performer's

Sensory deprivation - content with performer's deprived of some of their senses (blindfolds, earmuffs/headhones, a breathable bag over one's head, etc.)

Scat/Pee - content involving playing with feces, fecal matter and pee. For example peeing/defecating on someone or something is okay, but consuming is not.

Wax Play - content involving dripping hot wax on the skin.

"Vanilla" - any other form of sexual content that is considered legal